About JZ

Who Is JZ Car Wraps?

JZ Car Wraps, son of JZ Ad Specialties, was born in order to provide business owners with the most beneficial marketing tool of this era. Our team treats every job with extreme care and consciousness in order to provide our clients with the highest quality, and most visually appealing wraps around. With our skill sets we are able to make your imagination a high quality reality at a price tailored to your budget. We use the leading materials in this industry with some of the best installers we can find to make sure we guarantee a “nothing less than amazing job,” EVERYTIME.

Why Put JZ Car Wraps Above The Competition?

Unlike most, we understand every aspect of this industry. We combine the three aspects of every wrap in order to provide you with A+ quality every chance we get.

In order to get the most bang for your buck with our wraps, we need to make sure we help you convey the right message to portray your company. With that being said DESIGN is very important. For most, wraps are a first impression to the final consumer, which can either make or break any company. With our in-house designers always on hand you have the freedom to come and sit down to come up with the RIGHT design that FITS your company and its message. No time to come in and sit down? No problem, our designers are always available through e-mail and will communicate with you until your idea is brought to life, the right way.  With 15 years of experience of marketing and branding under our belt JZ Car Wraps will make sure your wrap design portrays the right first impression on your consumer. Ultimately the success of your company ties back to the success we strive for everyday.

At JZ Car Wraps we stand behind the saying “Quality over Quantity,” 100 percent. For a great outcome you need outstanding materials. We stand behind 3M Controltac, the leading supplier for all wrapping materials. Sure you can be tricked into a ridiculously cheap estimate, but don’t let them get over on you. Their estimates are strictly derived from using generic vinyl’s and inks. Trusting low quality materials will be costly in rewraps and repairs in the long run. Unlike their competitors 3M products with UV lamination guarantee a longer wrap (3 year minimum) which will only protect your paint rather than ruin it. With the cheap stuff the ink will fade, the vinyl will weaken and ultimately diminish your wraps look, ruin the paint, and decrease the car’s resale value. At that point the removal process becomes just as expensive as the initial wrap. When the time has come to change your wrap to something fresh and new, 3M’s patented technology removes easily and leaves no nasty residue.  Ultimately, we believe to do the job, you need to do it right, and that begins with the proper tools and materials.

JZ Car Wraps’ installers are the best. Pretty blunt? Well, yea. We believe in their talent and professionalism. Our trained professionals have years of experience and hundreds of jobs on their resumes. We wouldn’t complete a job we are not 100% confident in. Our installers pay attention to detail and every job is inspected for quality control throughout. Every crevice is covered, every panel lines us, and any flaw is nonexistent. We guarantee an unimpeachable job which only lead to a satisfied customer and even better recommendation to others.

JZ Car Wraps Oath:

No job is too difficult. No design is too complex. JZ Car Wraps promises to take every square inch of your vehicle into consideration when putting together the design specifications. At JZ Car Wraps we take more time than usual to setup artworks, but it pays for itself when the final product is visible. We want anyone, at any given time; from any given position will be in awe of your car, truck, van, or even motorcycle.

We make sure your artwork flows elegantly through every crevice, side, door, and window. Just like putting the perfect tailored suit together we believe in tailor making the perfect wrap possible. It’s all about making sure the job is easy on the eyes, and flows perfectly together, piece by piece.


Types of JZ Wraps:

JZ Seamless Wraps:

Typically vinyls are sent over in roll of 5’ and under which basically leads to seams and overlaps that may seem a bit uneasy on the eye and may contort the design. JZ Wraps recommends doing a seamless wrap every chance we get. This is exactly what it sounds like, seamless. Seamless wraps obviously require more material, and take more time to put together but comes with no extra charge to you. The objective with a seamless wrap is to stray away from seams and overlaps to make the wrap look more like paint on a car. With the JZ Seamless Wrap technology we make sure that your car comes out fresh and smooth as possible, even with a JZ Color Change.


JZ Color Change:

Sick and tired of the same basic look you’ve kept with your car since day one? Sure it’s exciting at first, but it’s time to bring some life back to your car with a color change. No promo, no print, just a dope new look on your car. With a ridiculous amount high quality 3M 1080 colors and textures to choose from you can bring life to your stock paint job with any custom color, custom pattern, or finish. Matte not your style, try the glossed colors. As if those alone won’t have people breaking necks to get a glimpse, you can choose from 3M textures such as Carbon Fiber wrap, a Brushed Metal wrap and more. Stop wasting time, make some moves and hit up South Beach in your newly JZ Wrapped car.


JZ Partial Wraps:

Although it’s cool to do a JZ Color Change, or completely wrap your car, repping your business to the fullest, sometime’s a more budget friendly and still very effective method is a partial wrap. You can do just the roof if you’d like, you can do just the panels, the side mirrors, the handles, the grill, and even the dash and console (on some cars).  With a partial wrap you can still make a change while being price friendly and more particular.


JZ Perfs:

With a JZ Perforated Vinyl you can maximize any window on your car, store, or home. With a JZ “Perf” you add life to your dull see through or tinted window, without distorting your vision looking out. With the JZ “Perf” you can have the luxury of looking out the window without others having the ability to looking in. This option is perfect for big trucks, or vans with big back windows. JZ “Perfs” are completely visibly and a great cost efficient and business savvy method.

Overall Benefits of a JZ Car Wrap:

Not only does the wrap add a bit of flavor to your ride but it protects it as well:

1.)    Vinyl is fully removable and residue free, not affecting any lease agreement.

2.)    Paint doesn’t take a beating. No bad weather affects, no bird dropping, no tagging, no road gravel, anything ruining the paint. The wrap acts as a bullet proof vest against any contact with the paint.

3.)    No color match needed during repairs, just the same vinyl.

4.)    Customize the smallest aspects of your vehicle, affordably. Customize the rims, handles, and mirrors.

5.)    JZ Car Wraps hides dings, and scratches underneath the vinyl. Make your car feel new again.

6.)    With JZ Car Wraps the possibilities are endless. From different 3M 1080 matte and glossed colors, to different textures and even custom patters, you can do ANYTHING to your car.